Kondopoga municipal museum of Local lore

Region Kondopozhsky
City / settlement Kondopoga

The museum was opened in June 1984 as a public one. The bases of the museum collection are the documents of famous citizens, ethnographical things, the sample of the production of local enterprises. Since 1991 the museum has a status of a city museum. In the future it is planned to open Museum of Paper on the basis of the city museum.

The Church of Assumption in Kondopoga (1714) is a branch of the museum. The church is a monument of wooden architecture of XVIII century and is popular all over the country.

The collections of the museum:


  • documents of famous citizens;
  • awards of the veterans of WWII;
  • collection of coins and booms;
  • collection of paintings and graphic arts;
  • collection of ethnographical issues;
  • samples of the production of local enterprises.


The collection of the museum consists of 2000 exhibits, which were collected during the years that museum works. This includes geological collection, tools of Karelians, pictures and documents on the history of the city and the region, documents of the WWII and other things. There is a collectin of drawings of Karelian artists in the museum.

The expositions:



  • History of Kondopoga city,
  • Way of life of the Karelians,
  • Kondopoga during the Civil war,
  • Modern Kondopoga.

The expositions of the museum tell about the ancient history of the region, the history of war in Kondopoga and about industrial and cultural development of the city.


Exposition “The history of Kondopoga and Kondopozhskiy region” is in the first hall. Kondopoga is a young industrial city on the shore of the Onego lake. The history of the city starts from the XV century, but the golden age of it was in XVII century, when Kondopoga was a trans-shipment point to send marble to St. Petersburg. Rich deposits of marble were opened in 1757 and 1764 in the villages of Tivdija and Belaja Gora and soon they were mined. Iron-ore fields also played a great role in the history of the city.

The exposition included samples of Tivdiy marble and the production of Konchezerskiy and other metallurgical works (cannon balls, axes and other things), which worked on this territory in XVII and XIX centuries and contributed to fast development of the city. There are also materials about development of Kondopoga as an industrial city and about building the first in Karelia hydroelectric power plant.

Exposition “The mode of life of the Karelians” shows the tools and clothes of the local people. It is especially interesting for the visitors.

The exhibition “Kondopoga in 1941-1945” is based on documents of the war period. The war was hold on the territory of the region, the city was occupied by Fascists. Oictures, letters and private things of soldiers take us back to the war years.

Address: 13, Proletarskaja Str.
Phone: (814-51) 4-22-96

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