North Priladozhje regional museum

Region Sortavalsky
City / settlement Sortavala

The museum was created in 1992. The bases of the museum collection were household, ethnographical, artistic materials and charts from the funds of Valaam state historical and architectural museum. Step-by-step the subjects from museums and schools of the cities of Haapalampi and Vartsilya, and from Sortavala state school were removed to the funds.

There are the following categories of the collections:


  • archeology,
  • household and ethnographic materials,
  • numismatics,
  • arts and crafts,
  • cartography ,
  • painting, graphics and sculpture,
  • philately,
  • books and documents,
  • negatives,
  • geological and mineralogical collections,
  • the collections of natural science: zoology and biology.


Address: 5, Ladozhskaya flotilla emb.
Phone: (814-30) 2-26-27

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