Kemi municipal museum "Pomorie"

Region Kemsky
City / settlement Kem

The creation of the museum was initiated by a Public Council, which was founded in 1978 under the chairmanship of journalist Barkin. The museum was established in 1980. First the museum collection was based on 80 units, which told about the mode of life of the Pomorians. Then the funds of the museum were increased with other exhibits: instruments of labor, crafts and so on. In 1991 the museum got a status of municipal and was named “Pomorie”.

It is located near the Kemi Cathedral of Assumption in a stone building of the former treasury. The collection consists of tools and crafts, which show the lifa of the Pomorians.

The exposition, which disposed on the area of more than 200 square km, shows some everyday and information complexes, which tell about the history of developing of the Russian North.


  • "Material and spiritual culture of the residents of the western shore of the White Sea in late XIX – early XX centuries"
  • "Orthodox relics"
    The exhibition consists of collections, which tell both about the official Orthodox Church and the Old-belief. These are the icons of XVIII - XX centuries, paintings, psalm-books, prayer-books tomb chapels, documents of the late XVIII – early XX centuries, the correspondence between the Fathers of The Cathedral of Assumption of Kemi and state institutions of Archangelsk, censers, icon-lamps and candlesticks.
  • "Merchant store"
    The exhibition consists of the following collections, which are dated back to XIX - early XX centuries: gramophone records, oil lamps, coffee-grinders, beer bottles and bells.
  • "The room of Kemi citizen of the early XX century"
    The exhibition shows the collections of the furniture, pots and pans, clothes and other things.
  • "The Pomorian cuisine" 
    This exhibition shows collections of wooden, clay, and bast-fiber pats and pots.
  • "The Sea is our field"
    The exhibition tells about Pomorian shipbuilding, seafaring school of Kemi, fishing and salt production. There are also pictures of sea trade, collections of books and documents on navigation and many other things.

Open hours: daily 09:00 - 17:00 (Monday is day off)

Address: 12 Vitsupa Str.
Tel.: (814-58) 2-25-71

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