Onezhsky Spring

City / settlement Petrozavodsk

The spring is situated on the south-western outskirt of Petrozavodsk, behind the Kluchevaya micro region and in the west from the Chetyrehverstnoe Lake, which is in 300 meters from trunk-railway to Saint-Petersburg.

This is a high-quality water spring which may be used by inhabitances of the Kluchevaya micro region. The spring is ascending, under pressure. It is located in the lower part of the hill’s slope covered with forest. The water is fresh, its mineralization magnitude is 130 mg/l, without any flavor, smell and sediment; hydro carbonate magnesium and calcium are organic parts of the water. This spring is situated near the other springs of industrial pollution but their influence hasn’t been great yet.

In order to preserve the spring guard territory with a radius of 150 meters is necessary where excavation, using fertilizers and chemical weed-killers, building are forbidden.

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