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The Villa of Jaaskelainen is located 20 km away from Sortavala (right on the “Blue road” route). It is situated on the shore of Kirjavalahti bay. This is one of the most picturesque places of the northern coastline of the Ladoga lake. A highway goes along a narrow terrace between the lake and a rock. All of this reminds of the landscapes of Norway.

The building was built in 1935 by a Finnish architect Pauli Blomstedt. The style is romanticism. One can see that the landscapes were used as premises for creation of individual architectural compositions. The cottage is at the bottom of a mountain and its front is turned to the bay of the Ladoga lake. The author paid a special attention to the front of the building.

The visitor can see only the main and the side fronts. The other part of the building is hidden in a coniferous forest. Nature is also used in the decoration of the building. According to the style of romanticism the house is made of traditional building materials: brick, timber and stone. This allowed the building to look very cosy and provided its strong connection with the environment.

The front of the cottage is asymmetric. There is a verandah on the first floor and a terrace on the second. The main interesting detail of the interior is a dinner hall, which is decorated like a loghouse of black logs. A grandiose staircase leads to the second floor. There is a fireplace in the hall. Nowadays the building if taken by Compositors Union. It is also used as a hotel.

The cottage is the last monument of Finnish architecture of Priladozhje of the late XX century on the route of “Blue road”. Here tourists can be shown a short excursion of the interior of the building.

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