Kroshnozersky spring

City / settlement Kroshnozero

The spring is situated in Pryazhinsky region, in 400 kilometers from the village of Kroshnozero which is near the highroad to the village of Pryazha.

It is the largest ascending spring of Karelia with steady regime. It is located near a foot of the slope - Korzinskaya Gryada (Range).Underground waters are fresh and come out to the surface under pressure of several mighty griffins. Mineralization magnitude is 90 mg/l. Hydrocarbonate,  magnesium and calcium are organic parts of the waters.

Iron content is 4 mg/l. Results of iron`s join are yellow and brown sediments on the bottom of the Melnichny stream.

It is a large spring of high-quality drinking water.

In order to preserve the spring special guard area with border is necessary: in the north – on the highroad Kroshnozero-Pryazha, in the east – on the feet of the eastern slope of the Korzinskaya Gryada (Range), in the south – on the border of open pit with artificial spring, in the west – on dirt road to Kroshnozero and the Kroshnozero village. In this territory excavation, drainage melioration, disforestation and using fertilizers and chemical weed-killers are forbidden.

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