The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
City / settlement Salmi

Description of the sight Salmi is an old Karelian village located near the shore of Lake Ladoga. The Blue Highway passes through the village. Situated on а hill in the center of the village, there is the ruined stone church of St. Nicholas, built in 1824-26 according to the project of the famous Finnish architect К L. Engel in the style of the late classicism. The church proper and the bell tower are united by а common horizontal axis. The upper part of the church is in the form of octahedron "drum" with а semicircular dome. The entrances are accentuated by porticos. The bell tower is narrower and has three tiers. The brick walls of the church were plastered and the facades were decorated with pilasters and mouldings.

Situated on the hill, the church was seen from afar. During the war of 1941-45, the church was damaged and at present it is in ruins. But even in this condition it still plays а remarkable role in the landscape and in the village of Salmi.

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