Segezha museum center

City / settlement Segezha

The Museum center was organized on the basis of the Museum of local lore in 1999. The museum of local lore was founded in 1983 and based on numismatic and ethnographic exhibits and documents on the history of Segezha.

The collections of the center:

  • numismatic,
  • ethnographic,
  • documents on the history of Segezha and its industrial complex,
  • other exhibits.


  • "The culture of Vygozerje". Based on the ethnographic essay by M. Prishvin "In the land of unfearful birds" it tells about the peculiarities of the local way of life.
  • "Pulp and paper milk is the heart of the city" tells about the construction and development of “Segezha pulp and paper milk” and the city of Segezha.
  • "Battle-front Segezha” is devoted to the tragic events of the Civil War.

Address: 16, Mir Str.
Phone: (814-31) 4-30-53

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