The Chapel of Sts. Kirik and Ulita


The village of Vorobyi is situated on an open slope of a hill descending to lake. The Chapel of Sts. Kirik and Ulita stands out vividly on the outskirts of the village, almost on the tip of the hill. There is no doubt that the chapel is the dominant building of this small village but at the same time, it is one of the simplest structures among the chapels of the "Kizhi necklace".

The oldest part of the chapel is the praying room which differs greatly in its character from the rest of the building. According to the opinion of some specialists, this structure was originally built as a granary. The western part of the chapel including the refectory with the anteroom was possibly moved from some other site to be closely placed to the framework of the chapel proper. In one way or other, but it happened that frameworks of different size and built at different time were united to form a new structure.

The western facade of the chapel with the vertical line of its belfry looks to the lake (and the village). It is this facade that is perceived as the chapel silhouette; as for the rest of the building, it is concealed behind merging with the hill.

Several giant evergreen fir trees grow beside the northern wall of the chapel. The outlines of the tent-like belfry repeat the lines of the trees. As the fir trees are stretching their branches to the south, so are the southern slopes of the asymmetrical roof, so is the platform of the porch which looks to the south.

This small ascetic building shows the remarkable skill of carpenters to chose the composition of a chapel depending on the surrounding landscape.

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