Three Ivans spring

Three Ivans spring

A freshwater spring "Three Ivans" has no analogues in the balneal practice. The cases of curing with its water of gastrointestinal and dermal diseases, atrophic ulcers and combustion are widely known. The clinical observations of the republican dermatovenerologic health center found out a salutary influence of the water for the treatment of eczema.

There is a chapel decorated with towels with Karelian embroidery on the spring. At the place of the old chapel local skilled craftsman Nikolay Vorobjev made a new one. It protects the spring. One of the visitors has brought an icon of Ioann Kronstadt to the chapel.

The spring is 4 km southward of Mjagrozero. It is not marked on the maps. It is also possible to reach it from the villages of Cherkassy and former Vedekhino.

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