The Chapel in Podjelniki

The Chapel in Podjelniki

The Chapel was built in XVIII – XIX centuries. The old shaky logs, carved decorations are used to be covered with ochre. It has blended so well with the nature for many long years that it is impossible to imagine the Chapel in a different surrounding.

The inner porch, trimmed with the boards, was built later, and it is disadvantageously notable for the newess of its board surface from the texture of the log framework. The Chapel is surely sheltered under the thick firs and the fence from the rain and bad weather.

By the automn, the sweet-scented hayricks grow near the Chapel; the cloudberries and the cranberries ripen on the neighbour swamp, among the pines; a heady odour of the wild rosemary comes over the lowland. A wide comfortable bench along the southern facade of the Chapel stilly ivites to sit in the silence, to have a rest against shaggy, warmed up by sun, logs.

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