Salt Pit spring

City / settlement Velikaya Guba

The spring is situated in Medvezhiegorsky region near the village of Velikaya Guba; it is in the left shore of the Sudma River, in 1,7 kilometers from the entry.

It is the only place in Karelia where mineral water (in high degree) – salt water - comes out on the surface. The spring is located in a marshy place in 110 kilometers from river-bed. It is known at least from the beginning of the last century. During observations in 1947 the spring represented draw-well with ruinous shell which was surrounded with attenuated peat. The lift reached only 2,7 meters; below this level there was silt and at a depth of 5,8 meters there was hard ground, maybe rocks. The water is saltish, with chloride and natrium mixture, sulphuretted hydrogen smell and consists salt (4,0 g/l). The water is referred to mineral, drinking, medicinal water.

Measures which are necessary to preserve the spring: regular cleaning of the draw-well and repair of the shell, ban to excavate, meliorate, disforest, use fertilizers and chemical weed-killers on a guard territory within a radius of 200 meters.

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