Olonets National Museum of Republic of Karelia

Olonets National Museum of Republic of Karelia
City / settlement Olonets

The 350 - years of Olonets history is exhibited in three halls of Olonets national museum. The museum`s funds were exhibited in Finland, Saint-Peterburg, Petrozavodsk. The main part of 19700 pieces of museum`s funds reflects lifestyle occupations and beliefs of Karelians and local inhabitants of Olonets region. There are unique ancient icons, pearl decorations, things of cuprum, silver, wood; beautiful towels and female cloth in the museum of Olonets.

Besides excursions, museum lessonsand lectures museum staff organizes republican folk holidays, scientific conferences, publishes in a small quantity brochures of historical investigations, creates projects. http://vrm.museum.ru/M1244

Olonets National Museum was founded in 1959, and got the status of a state museum in 1960. In 1994 the museum got the status of a national one. It is named after its founder and the first director N. Prilukin.

The funds of the museum are based on the following collections: archeology, numismatology, ethnography, arts and crafts, pictures and documents.

Address: 9, Uritskogo Str.
Phone: (814-36) 2-13-31, 2-02-19

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