The Chapel of Sts. Michael, Peter and Paul

The Chapel of Sts. Michael, Peter and Paul

The Chapel of St. Michael, Peter and Paul has a traditional composition and consists of an inner porch, a refectory and a meeting-room.

The building is rectangular. There is a small belfry above the inner porch. The main building of the church has a roof of two slopes. The entry to the chapel is on the north side of the inner porch. The chapel is made of logs and timed with boards. The columns of the belfry are decorated with a carving.

It is suggested to use the chapel in the village of Novinka as an object of tourist show on the tourist route “Blue road”. It is advisable to provide information about the history of Karelia colonization and the forming of the villages, which are closely connected with each other (Novinka and Pertsilga). It is possible to organize a small boat excursion from Nobinka to Pertsilga for the better perception of this information. The boat excursion will give the tourists new impressions and they will see that the groves of the two villages are visual reference points. The purpose of the excursion is Pertsilga village, in which there is another tourist object.

The use of traditional wooden boats will be an additional information about the traditions of Olonets shipbuilding. In order to use the chapel as an object of a tourist show it is important to equip the territory of the cemetery and to provide informational and technical ensuring of the excursions. It is advisable to divide necessary activities into a few stages.

On the first stage it is necessary to equip a parking lot, a WC and to clean away the territory near the chapel. The primary task is to make the works on the conservation of the chapel. It is planned to place the information about the places of interest of the village on a shield not far from a parking lot. It is planned to publish a booklet about the two villages.

On the second stage it is suggested to make the restoration works in the chapel. It is also necessary to buy a few boats and to equip piers in both villages so that boat excursions could be comfortable.

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