The Worship Cross

The Worship Cross

The worship cross is located in the village of Tatchelitsa 1 km from the town of Olonets. The cross dates from the first half of the 19th century and it is protected as а piece of historical architecture. Very few wooden roadside crosses have been preserved in Karelia, that is why the cross in Tatchelitsa is of significant historic and cultural value. There is а religious inscription the main side of the cross (an abbreviation of the Bible texts and the titles of Jesus Christ). The cross made of а massive log, covered with boarding to protect it from destruction.

A roadside worship cross is in the village of Tatchelitsa, a km away from Olonets (near house № 27). The cross was places in the early ХIХ century and it is protected as an architectural monument. By now there are a few ancient wooden crosses preserved in Karelia, so the cross in Tatchelitsa is of great historical and cultural value. There are religious writings on the right side of the cross (abbreviations of the Bible texts). The cross is made of a massive beam. For the protection purposes the cross is enclosed with board box.

The worship cross in Tatchelitsa is a very interesting tourist object for it is the unique monument; it is ancient and original construction and it is of an easy access (it is near the main highway).

The object can be used for short excursion shows with a short story of the constructions of this type. It is planned to make a new box for the cross. The outward appearance of the box must correspond with the architectural monument. Besides, it is necessary to make a ground for bus U-turns near the object. Information will be provided on the road signs in Olonets and an information sign on the box of the monument. It is advisable to publish a booklet about the worship crosses of Karelia for this tourist object had a lot of new information to tell.

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