Lososinsky spring


The spring is situated in Prionezhsky region on the right shore of the Lososinka River, which is in 2,6 kilometers from Petrozavodsk, in its green area.

It is an ascending spring. It is located among plough-lands in lower part of the slope, which is in 100 meters from the bed-river. The spring is equipped with board shell. The underground water is fresh, mineralization magnitude is 300 mg/l; it comes out on the surface under pressure of water-bearing layer. Hydro carbonate magnesium and calcium are organic parts of the water. The water contains increased iron concentration (7 mg/l), the iron gives the water appropriate taste. Results of iron’s join are brown sediments on the bottom of the stream. It is the spring of high-quality water but neighborhood with cultivated fields arouses permanent threat of water pollution with organic and mineral fertilizers.

In order to preserve the spring guard territory with length of 250 meters on the slope and 100 meters on the other directions is necessary. Within this area excavation, drainage melioration and using fertilizers and chemical weed-killers are forbidden.

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