The Cathedral of the Protection of the Virgin


On the day the Protection of the Virgin on October 14, 2001 a new cathedral of the Protection of the Virgin was opened in Pryazha village.

It was build on the most picturesque place of village, in a small grove. The cathedral attracts attention from afar. A small wooden chapel with snow-white walls is standing among birches and seems to be a nature gift itself.

The building of the cathedral continued for two years. The expensec for the construction were about 2,3 million rubles. The archbishop of Petrozavodsk and Karelia Manuil came to the regional center especially for the consecration of the new cahedral.

Everyone helped to construct it. With the help of the local authorities the civil-engineering plan was designed. The government of the republic was eager to mark out timber for "Alvi" company. "Avangard" enterprise made the cathedral's cupola for free. Essoila concrete product plant and public utilities made all the foundation works.

The regional administration and local people also helped building the cathedral.

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