The Chapel of Our Lady Christmas

The Chapel of Our Lady Christmas

In the late XVIII century the chapel of Our Lady Christmas was built in the village of Manga. The building of the chapel is well preserved till now.

The ancient wood chapel is located among pines and fur-trees. A low tent of the belfry, which stands on columns, is toped with a cupola. The second cupola is on the chapel. The cupola is large for the chapel, so probably it was a church in the past. The disproportion of the details makes it clear that Russian church was rebuilt by the Karelians in their national style.

In 1970 the chapel was restorated and n 1987-88 its facing was removed.

There were two ancient icons "Cross" and "Nicholas" in the chapel (since 1957 they are in the Russian museum). Both icons are 60*70 cm in size and might have been created in the iconography workshop the Sofia's house in Novgorod, and then carried to the village in XVI century.

The icons are drawn duly to the style of large iconography workshops: they are made on thin lime boards with special packing.

The icon of "Cross" shows the figure of baby - Christ. He is wearing a red jacket with golden points and collar, and an ochre raincoat.

His face is elongated and has thin features and serious look. The look of Nicholas Wonderworker attracts attention with the clearness and strictness of the contour.

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