Pellotsaari Island

Pellotsaari Island
City / settlement Sortavala
Pellotsaari Island is a new tourist destination introduced in 2009. The project was inspired by the idea of preservation of the unique natural complexes on the north shore of Ladoga Lake. The travel company Pellotsaari has developed a new place to visit and a green stop for cruising ships on Pellotsaari Island.
Pellotsaari Island used to be a traditional green stop for tourists on the way to Valaam Island located 24 kilometres afar. In high season Valaam Island becomes a centre of mass pilgrimage and tourism. Nowadays it gets more difficult to preserve the nature of the island visited by crowds of tourists. Therefore, it was necessary to set up a green stop in the vicinity and normalize the tourist flow to the island.
Pellotsaari Island is in the northern part of Ladoga Lake, in the centre of numerous islands of the Ladoga skerries. It takes cruising ships an hour and a half to get to the island from Valaam Island.
There is so much to see during a walking tour along the nature trail on Pellotsaari. The trail is about 3,3 kilometers long and takes up to 3 hours to go on foot. You can explore the amazing nature of the Ladoga skerries, enjoy beautiful vistas and a laid-back atmosphere. Steeped in history, the island is full of wonderful surprises: rock house foundations, remnants of wooden houses, bunkers, and quarz quarries refer to the remote past when the island was inhabited.
Apart from opportunities to escape from the stresses of daily life, the island has a bay with a great sandy beach. This area is for such popular outdoor activities as swimming, beach volleyball, darts, archery, frisbee, boating and whatever you love.
If you are looking for peace and tranquility, a spectacular maze of islands and breathtaking nature are just waiting to be explored – and enjoyed – at your leisure.
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