The Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

The Kandalaksha Nature Reserve

The Kandalaksha Nature Reserve is located in the Kola Peninsula, on the White Sea coast, in the Murmansk Region, just beyond the Polar Circle. The Reserve headquarters are in the City of Kandalaksha.

The Reserve was founded in 1932 for the protection and study of the Common Eider (Sоmateria mоllissima).

Over 70% of the Reserve's territory is sea and islands.

Please note that visiting the nature reserve is possible only if you have research interests; it is NOT a tourist destination. Those who are into wilderness will find lots of empty space, including taiga, tundra, hills, islands, rivers, or bare rock all around. Population density of the Kola Peninsula is around 4.5 bipeds per square kilometer but most of them are in the cities or along the White Sea cost. The middle of the peninsula is empty. Quite literaly empty.

The Kandalaksha Nature Reserve is an active cultural and educational centers. The Reserve hosts about 150 students every year. Most of Russian seabird experts started by working in the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve.

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