Vottovaara mountain

Vottovaara mountain

It is situated on the West Karelian hill has its main peak 417 meters above sea level.

Mount Vottovaara — a complex of ancient stone structures known as seids — hanging or flying stones. The scale of the complex is amazing — over hundreds of large and small rocks form a complex system of geometric shapes and mazes. The size of the complex is much higher than all the public in Europe and Scandinavia, places of worship.

So far, the inquisitive researcher can find in the remote corners of the Karelian taiga sites that do not fit into the system of logical representations of modern man. One of these monuments — a set on Mount Vottovaara. Mount Vottovaara Karelia superstitious people consider the place the focus of evil forces and the bridge to the other world: here grow ugly trees, almost no fauna, lakes dead. One name in the people it is worth: Death Mountain.

Vottovaara mountain is the highest point of the West Karelian Highlands — 417.3 m above sea level, and the nearest village thirty kilometers away, at least. About 9000 years ago in the place where there is Vottovaara, a massive earthquake occurred as a result of which formed a gigantic failure. So in the center of the mountain there was a natural amphitheater, dotted with small lakes and cliffs. Karelian scientists believe that Vottovaara — a unique geological monument. It turns out that not only the geological. In recent years, Death Mountain has become a place of pilgrimage for followers of different mystical trends, claiming that it is — a place the focus of evil forces and the bridge to the other world. Side of the mountain is a stone terraces overgrown with moss. Pine and spruce interspersed with old logging and traces of forest fires. Tops — this rocky plateau, in some places covered with trees and bizarre heights. For example, old, one hundred and two hundred year old pine trees and is not higher than two meters. And when you see the local birch, it seems as if some unknown force especially their spin.

Vottovaara on top of an area of about six square miles is about 1,600 stones laid in some mysterious manner. Scientists suggest that this is an ancient religious complex. The stones can be called Vottovaara Sejdiu. Seid — cult boulder or a fragment of rock, artificial isolation from the environment is obvious, that is, has obvious signs of human impact. The most dense concentration of stone-seids — the highest point of the ridge and on the slopes of the amphitheater. The stones are located mainly in groups of two to six pieces. Some large stones, weighing up to about three tons, put on the "legs" that is stacked on several smaller stones. Most stones lying on the banks of the ancient water and cliffs. Seydi very fit harmoniously into the mountain terrain — fabulous, rampant chaos traces of ancient earthquakes. http://survincity.com/2010/03/vottovaara-mountain-one-of-the-most-mysterious-2/

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