National Library of the Republic of Karelia

City / settlement Petrozavodsk

October 15, 1833 is considered the date of establishment of the Public library of the Republic of Karelia. On that day the library started its work. Initially, it was located in the house of Olonets Governor A.I.Yakovlev and the library only had three bookcases with a rather modest collection of books. The library re-establishment is associated with the name of P.N.Rybnikov. He was a public servant and a famous folklorist.

The first library’s service became unavailable in the 1850s. On January 2, 1860 the public library was re-established. It was located in Circular Square in the building of the Noble Assembly and its establishment was initiated by Rybnikov. As a result of the visit of Grand Duke Alexey Alexandrovich to Petrozavodsk, a library on a permanent basis appeared in the town. The library got the name Alexeevskaya.

The Alexeevskaya library was in the building of the former town detention barracks situated opposite the Gostiny Dvor. It had a collection of more than one thousand books, which was rich enough for a small town.

In 1918, the library experienced a fire. In 1919, a so called “governorate reading-hall” was established. In 1922, it got the status of the Karelian regional library. Since 1925 it has been called the Karelian public library.

During the Great Patriotic War the library books and documents were taken to Kem. A large part of books were lost. In 1947, in the building of the former governorate public school in Kirov Square the State public library of the Karelian and Finnish Republic started its work and it was a special event for the republic.

In 1959, the Public library moved in a new building. It was designed by architect K.Ya.Gutin and it was situated in Pushkinskaya Street, 5. In 1991, the Public library changed its status and now it is called the National library of the Republic of Karelia.

At present, the library stock keeps more than 1,6 million documents on various subjects. About 10 thousand of the Karelian and Petrozavodsk residents visit the library annually.

Address: Pushkinskaya st., 5, Petrozavodsk
Phone number: +7 (8142) 78-28-75

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