The museum of the fisrt Russian resort "Marcial waters"

The museum of the fisrt Russian resort "Marcial waters"
Region Kondopozhsky

A small museum of the fisrt Russian resort "Marcial waters" is situated near the springs of marcial water in the house of the Committee of Mines (1830).

The exhibition of the museum consists of the things from the Tsar’s palaces of the resort, the production of the Peter’s factories during the war with Sweden. The guides tell the tourists about the first Russian resort, its oblivion after the death of Peter the Great and its rebirth in XX century.

There is a memorial pavilion above the spring, from which Alexander II took water in 1858. Nowadays there are 4 springs in the resort. Each of them is different in its chemical structure and cures a certain system of organism.

All these places of interest were always visited by the guests of Karelia. Gavrila Derzhavin, Alexander II, Juriy Senkevich and other famous people were here.

Office hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (daily)

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