Onego embankment

Onego embankment
Region Petrozavodsk

The Onego lake has lots of bays. Petrozavodsk bay is one of them. One of the most beautiful places of the city – the Onego embankment – stretched out along the shore for a few hundred meters. The construction of the embankment started in the late XX century. The opening ceremony of the Onego embankment took place on the Day of the City, July 25, 1994.

Bronze Peter the First meets everyone, who comes to Karelia by water. The founder of the city is in the full dress and has a sword. His right hand points to the mouth of Lososinka river, where the cannon factory was founded in 1773. The monument was cast by Morand factory in Saint-Petersburg, according to the project of a famous sculptor Shreder. The pedestal of the monument is made of Sortavala granite.

In 1991 a steel construction “Fishermen”, which was presented by the American sister-city Duluth, was placed on the embankment. The designer of the construction R. Conswegr  won the American competition for the best sculpture for Petrozavodsk. “Fishermen” was  the first monument, which started the sculptural exchange between Petrozavodsk and its sister-cities.

In 1994, sister-city Tubingen, presented the Onego embankment with a  sculptural group. The designers explained its meaning for a long time. Finally, they wished the citizens to have enough time and patience to realize  the point of the monument om their own..

In 1996 swedish city Umeo presented Petrozavodsk “Tree of wishes”. This is a modern version of an ancient belief, when people tied rags on the trees to find their luck. In Petrozavodsk there are little bells instead of rags on the tree.

In 1997 one more construction presented by Finnish sister-city Varkaus appeared on the embankment. This is “Wave of friendship” – the symbol of time and changes. One after another billows sweep away the evil.

In July 2002 the building of the extension of the embankment started along the Onego lake. The second part of the embankment is 500 meters long. It has been made in the style of XIX century for it is situated in the historical center of the city. The building has been completed by the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk in 2003.

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