Historical building block in Petrozavodsk

Historical building block in Petrozavodsk
Region Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is one of a few cities where there are fragments of houses buils in the XIX century.

Studying of log houses has begun in the 70s of the last century. On the basis of inspection of 300 objects 32 of the most interesting from the historical and architectural point of view dwelling houses have been registered. Organization of the historical building block between Kuibyshev, Fedosova, Malaya Slobodskaya streets and the bank of Neglinka river has been stipulated in the general plan of development of Petrozavodsk since the 70s of the XX century.

From the beginning of the 90s by decision of the city council Kizhi open-air museum has been engaged in the historical building block revival. At present in the historical building block of the city five buildings belong to the museum: Kuchevsky’s house (Neglinskaya emb., 23) where scientific departments of the open-air museum are located now, Lazarev’s house (Neglinskaya street, 3) where scientific library of the open-air museum is located now, a chapel of provincial county hospital (Fedosova street, 21), nowadays it is the Church of the Holy Spirit of the Church of the Holy Transfiguration in the Kizhi Island Patriarchal Representation, the building of provincial county hospital (Fedosova street, 19) where after the restoration lecture- and expocentre of Kizhi museum opened, and the open-air museum forge workshop.

Lazarev’s house (Neglinskaya street, 3) was opened after restoration in 2006. It is a monument of cultural heritage of regional value. Lazarev’s house has been constructed in 1908, as a typical small petty-bourgeois house according to "exemplary projects". Historical shape of the house with a front garden has been restored.

Kizhi open-air museum plans to continue the historical building block development and restore other monuments that is very important due to recently started construction of Onego Palace hotel, which will undoubtedly attract many tourists to this part of the town. Therefore, the museum cooperates with the city administration and government of the Republic of Karelia regarding transfer of objects of historical and cultural heritage located in the block to the open-air museum.

In 2005 the museum introduced Kizhi Island in the Capital of Karelia excursion route that is the only route in Petrozavodsk which connects two exhibition halls of Kizhi open-air museum, passes from the Kirov Square down to Onego lake quay and acquaints tourists with the historical building block.

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