Maritime museum "Polar Odyssey"

Maritime museum "Polar Odyssey"
Region Petrozavodsk

Marine club and the maritime museum "Polar Odyssey" is presenting the romanticism of sea traveling. Museum gathers up and the various objects which represent the history of shipping and navigation. The largest items in the Polar Odyssey are historic wooden sailing ships. In addition of maritime museum is also the historical and cultural center that preserves and develop the Russian traditional of wooden shipbuilding. Marine club “Polar Odyssey” has a history over 30 years and staff of the museum can tell the various stories during that time.

Maritime Museum "Polar Odyssey" was officially opened in 2000. Today the main exhibitions are replicas of the historic wooden sailing ships and the history of unique trips and expeditions. In the tourist season Maritime Museum is popular attraction among the visitors from all over Russia and other countries. One reason for the popularity is the feature of museum. In Polar Odyssey visitors are allowed to touch, try and feel which kind of objects real sea bears have used and what it feels like to stand in the deck of old wooden ship. The most interesting excursion in the maritime museum is an opportunity to make a trip on Lake Onega. These kinds of possibilities are not offered in any other museum in Russia. Also TV studios and newspapers of Russia have been used museum collections for making sea and navigation themed documentaries, television series and articles.

Opening hours:

(from May to September) every day from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

(from September to May) every day from 10.00 a.m. to 17.00

Address: Petrozavodsk, ul. Rigachina d, 37B

Information and reservations excursions by phone +7 (8142) 733-277, +7 (911) 419-76-16



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