Art gallery "Puppet house"

Art gallery "Puppet house"
Region Petrozavodsk
Art Gallery "Doll's House" of Tatiana Kalinina is offered possibility to see lively dolls and puppets since 1999. The gallery is open for visitors in the heart of Petrozavodsk.
The founder of the gallery artist Tatiana Kalinina is bring showcased the various collection of hand puppets and cloth dolls in the gallery. At the same time, the place presents works by professional artists working in the fields of fine arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts and photography.
Permanent exhibition of dolls are "Spirits of Karelia” and Kizhi Goblins"
This exhibition was started in 1992. Tatiana Kalinina is created the dolls by using her creativeness and imagination. Every puppet have own character and personality which artist gave for them.
Goblin is creature with various descriptions. Some thinks that it is little old man with a beard and wearing a hat, for someone it is little hairy creature without arms and legs. Sometimes this spirit reminds owners of the house. But goblin is possible to see only once a year at Easter.
Servant lives on a farm and is the patron saint of animals. Servant can represent in different ways; snake, frog, or in the form of a family member. Diseases of livestock are explained the anger or revenge of servant. Because of that this spirit will get lots of eggs on Easter.
Rigachnik lives in the places which produces, thresh and drying grain. The image of person is bearded, ragged man with soot smeared face but sometimes with a tail or a small boy. People afraid the Rigachnik, because they him scary and cruel so in the barns could not stay for the night. Rigachnik loves bread, sugar and tea.
Gnetka is the keeper of secrets and information. Gnetka also knows the dreams and hopes of the each family member. It lives like a big dog under the house owners’ bed. In the night time, Gnetka might appear, sit down on a family member chest and whisper something. But it should not be afraid, because Gnetkas has no bad intentions.
Shaman is a man who knows how to communicate with spirits and use them to cure diseases or control the natural elements. Shaman had almost unlimited power which makes people to fear and respect them. Shamans magical instrument is tambourine and shamans are raises spirits with it. Shaman doll was the first doll that sparks the Tatiana Kalininas desire to create this collection.
Ship spirit is the spirit of watercrafts and protector of sailors.
Vitaks is been described as a mixture of lizard and crocodile. Long tail, short legs and big mouth. It was believed that creature’s real name was lost over the time. Dasha, younger daughter of Tatiana Kalinina gave this unusual name. The secret of this doll is that it is made of another old dolls. This is how the artist give the new life to broken toys.
Ambarnik lives in the barn where the grain is store up. The image of creature is young child with a gray face and huge eyes. Ambarnik is two-faced. Despite the pathetic appearance, the spirit is very miserly, loves solitude and does not want to appears same with other spirits.
Mermaids lives in Russian northern parts and they have no legs. Mermaids come ashore on the midsummer nights. They swim under the moon, dance, and their songs attracts people into the water alone. In the night-time it is dangerous to swim alone, because mermaids can tickle a man to death.
Topurik is creature invented by Tatiana Kalinina. She create Topuriks to live in the swamp. Name "Topurik" comes from the words marsh and bog. They live under the water, and when the weather is enough sunny, their heads rise up from the swamp.
Diviki is the spirit-defender of the people. Divikies are different, as well as humans are. Some of them live in the flowers, trees and rocks. These creatures take negative emotions as sadness, envy or anger away from humans and change bad mood on a good mood.
Adult - 60 rubles.
Schoolchildren, students, pensioners - 40 rubles.
Children under six years old - free of charge.
We are open:
Monday - Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00
Sunday - closed
Address: 13, La-Roshel emb.
Tel.: (814-2) 77-34-56

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