The Railway Station

The Railway Station
Region Sortavalsky
City / settlement Vyartsilya

In 1894 the railway was built between the towns of Sortavala and Joensuu — а distance of 133 km. Vartsila was the most important village along the line. А railway station was built here and is still in function.

The building follows the standard drawing of railway stations of the south western railways of Finland. It is а well-preserved expressive piece of architecture in Swiss style — а single-storey log building with а gable roof. The facade is covered with boarding, decorated with pilasters and horizontal mouldings that divide the wall into а pattern of fields. The decorative details of the facades are painted. The entrance faces from the platform. The layout plan of the railway station corresponds to its purposes: а corridor separates the building into rooms for the passengers and those for goods. The original board ceilings have been preserved. South of the station there is а little park, now in bad condition.

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