Ruskeala marble quarry, 1766-1940

Ruskeala marble quarry, 1766-1940
Region Sortavalsky
City / settlement Ruskeala

In 1766 а marble deposit was discovered near the Village of Ruskeala. In the following years а marble quarry was opened, which could offer four brands of marble - ash-grey, grey-green, white with grey streaks and white-grey- blue. The marble was used for buildings in St. Petersburg in the second half of 17th the middle of the 20-th centuries and in Sortavala and Valamo in the late 19th-early 20th centuries. There has also been а lime production based on the marble in Ruskeala.

The marble was quarried in open cuts and in adits. By now three cuts have been opened along the left bank of the river Tohmajoki. The cuts are partly flooded and the water is surrounded by sheer marble rocks. The cuts are connected with each other by adits. Some other objects of interest have been preserved, for example an old administration building made of the Ruskeala marble in the Classic style. Lime kilns with brick: one-shape chimneys are examples of the industrial architecture of the 19th century. It is interesting to follow the process of cutting out the big blocks of marble in the still functioning parts of the quarry.

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