Kuzova Islands

Kuzova Islands
Region Kemsky

In ancient times Saami lived on the territory of Karelia. They created unique and mysterious monuments - seids - labyrinthes made of untreated stones.

According to anciet Irish and English legends fairys were dancing on the spirals of the labyrinthes by the moonlight, under Norwegian belief the stone ridges were reveted by ice giants, Swedish people consider that the labyrinthes mark entrances to luxurous undeground palaces. The majority of present-day researches thinks seids to be constructions of a spiritual character.
On the territory of Karelia religious monuments of Saami nation can be found on Kuzova archipelago, on Krasnaja Luda peninsula and on Kivakka and Vottovaara mountains in Muezerskiy region. The monuments situated on the mountains still demand a more detailed study.
About 800 various stone mazes are found on Kuzova archipelago. Huge spiritual complexes located on the largest islands of the archipelago (Russian and German) do not have any analogues in the world!
There is a certain order in the way the sanctuarys are combined but it is not always clear to a present-day man.

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