Historical settlements of Kalevala region

Settlement Kalevala (XVI c.) in 616 km from Petrozavodsk.

Village Haykolya (XVII c.), 9 km from settlement Kepa.
The village is situated on an island where were preserved seven houses,that built in the end of 19th - begining 20th century, that have been preserved thanks to the efforts of the writer Ortjo Stepanov and his family, the local residents.
Haykolya - the birthplace of the national writer of Karelia Ortjo Stepanov. Ancestral home of the writer is preserved, and it attracts numerous visitors from Russia and around the world. In summer the village is visited by thousands of tourists.
Annually in July, the literary festival "Relatives" held in Haykolya (the second Sunday in July). During the festival organize the creative meetings of Karelian writers with the residents and visitors of the area, performances by famous creative teams of Kalevala region and the Republic of Karelia, folk festivals and traditional sports games and competitions.
The house of Kuzmin renovated with the traditions of folk architecture. This house described in the novel O.Stepanova "Relatives", entitled "Onton tal". Now in the house is a period- house museum of northern Karelians. In family estate of rune-singing family Stepanovs established literary museum of Kalevala Writers: Jaakko Rugoev, Nicholas Jaakkola, Anti Timonen, Pekka Perttu and Ortjo Stepanov. The period- house museum preserved furniture, household items and the decor of premises. Also Preserved recording of voice of writer O.Stepanov,where he talks about his life and the villagers of Haykolya. This farm(manor) involves tercentenary barn. The house and barn were built in the spirit of national traditions and give an idea of ​​the wooden architecture of Karelians. Cemetery is located near the village. Above the burial places preserved tombs that are different from similar monuments of other nations.
Literary and ethnographic museum in Haykolya introduces visitors to the peculiarities of life and traditions of the native Karelian population living on bowery’s and in small villages and the most ancient traditions, legends, traditions, songs and dances.
Village Yuvalaksha (Yuvyalahti) (XVII c.), 15 km from settlement Kalevala.

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