The Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul

The Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul
Region Medvezhegorsky
City / settlement Volkostrov

The Sts. Peter and Paul Chapel stands in the open. On the summer day devoted to Sts.Peter and Paul people from many villages of the Kizhi pogost used to come to the chapel. The inhabitants of the village of Volkostrov, to be exact, of the group of villages including Nasonovschina, Posad, Shlyamino received the guests... The chapel was the focal point, the centre of Volkostrov.

The present the chapel was formed gradually. In the 17th century the eastern framework was built and in the next century the anteroom with a belfry and the porch were added. But notwithstanding the fact that the chapel was built by carpenters of different generations, the distinctive feature of the structure is its remarkable integrity.

In the 19th century the framework was planked and the domes were covered with roofing iron. The restoration carried out in 1953 resulted in the reconstruction of the chapel as it looked in the 18th century.

Owing to the activities of the museum, the chapel festivals in the villages were revived. As in old days, on the 12th of July a lot of people come to the chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul in the village of Volkostrov to listen to the service and then to sing old Zaonezhye songs, to drink tea from samovars at the tables arranged outside the chapel.

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