The Chapel of Portent of the Blessed Virgin

The village of Korba is situated on the shore of a small bay. On the cape the Apparition of the Mother of God Chapel is standing protected by giant fir trees against cold north-eastern winds.

It is built according to canons. It consists of the chapel proper at the east, the adjoining refectory and the anteroom at the west. However, the structure is unique due to the contrasting volumes of its parts. The horizontal area of the chapel proper and the refectory is counterbalanced with the vertical line of the tent-like belfry.

The foundation of the belfry is formed by the quadrangular framework of the anteroom raised almost to the level of the ridge of the refectory roof. Above it an octahedron lies widened a little in its upper part and covered with boards with pointed ends. Above them - the fretwork of carved balusters of the belfry and a tent-like roof of a really perfect silhoutte.

The decoration of the chapel consists of the pointed ends of the roof boards, carved cornices and rather modest carving of the facial boards. The main decoration of the chapel is in its well-balanced structures, the harmony of lines and volumes.

In the 19th century the walls of the building were planked and covered with roofing iron. In 1962, the restoration resulted in reconstruction of the original look of the chapel.

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