The Church of Sts. Frol and Lavr

The Church of Sts. Frol and Lavr
Region Olonetsky
City / settlement Megrega

The church in the village of Megrega is one of the oldest wooden churches preserved in Karelia. It was built in 1613 in the commemoration of Russian victories in the war with Sweden. It is located on the ancient way from Novgorod to the northern lands, 12 km from Olonets. The church is devoted to the Saints Flor and Lavr, which were esteemed as the protector of livestock and the peasants. The church which is located on a small hill, is hardly seen from the road.

The building is of traditional architectural, constructional and planning solutions. The church is small and made of logs. In XIX century it was trimmed with boards. The main part of the church has a hipped roof.

The interior of the monument is well preserved. There are icons in front of the altar near the eastern wall of the church. The building of the church is not much decorated, but it has harmonic proportions, an expressive silhouette and a chamber interior. The church is functioning, divine services are held there from time to time.

There is an old cemetery near the church, new burials are made there even nowadays.

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