The House of Dubrovin

Region Olonetsky
City / settlement Bolshaya Selga

The houses are dated back to early ХХ century. It consists of a living and household parts. The living part of the house is two-story. The entrance to the house is from the porch. A staircase in the inner porch leads to the second floor. The household part is also two-story. The living part of the house is much decorated. The walls are timed with boards. Ancient carved furniture is also well preserved.

The house of Dubrovin is a real product of national architecture with rich decorative carving. Some articles made by Dubrovin are still kept in the interior of the living part (chairs, tables, beds and cupboards). Nowadays the articles made by this master are kept in many houses of the village of Bolsjoj Selga. Thus, the art of Dubrovin has great historical and cultural value nowadays.

Taking this into consideration, it is advisable to use the house of Dubrovin for organizing of a composition devoted to the creative work of this craftsman. Besides there is a possibility to organize a small joiner’s workshop in the living part of the house. In this workshop the visitors will see the process of wooden carving. The production of the workshop may be used for the renovation of the decorative details of old houses in Bolsjoj Selga and its outskirts. It is also possible to produce souvenirs for tourists (small articles).

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