The Chapel of St. Barbara

Region Pryazhinsky

A small, but cozy chapel of St. Barbara (19 century) is located opposite the peasant’s houses among huge fir-trees. The chapel looks like a barn with a carved porch at the western wall, where a roofed belfry is located. There is a cupola in the form of fir cone above the chapel.

The icon of St. Barbara (early XVIII century) is inside the chapel.

The style of the icon is very original: it is evident that the artist was acquainted with iconography school and used some methods of artists of Peter the Great period, but his work is very peculiar.

Barbara is very beautiful with sumptuous curly hair wearing a crown. Her figure is draped with red mackintosh. The head is of oval shape and the features are very regular. The entire look is full of nobility, which is especially emphasized because of kingly carriage.

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