Active tourism in Karelia

Active kinds of tourism are those trips, entertainment programs and sports (rock-climbing, rafting, diving, safari), which demand considerable physical efforts. However, Karelian companies launch programs both for beginners and professionals.

Karelia is a great place for:

Bicycle rent service on Kurgan sport complex is a good way to visit more sights in Pertozavodsk.
Beginners will like one-day programs, whereas three-day programs and even long expeditions will be the challenge for adventure-seekers.
Skiing in Karelia is actually cross country skiing. There are few places for downhill skiing equipped with lifts in our region - they are in Spasskaya Guba and in Medvezh'egorsk district.
Rafting is extremely popular in Karelia. Two-hour rafting down Shuja river (8 km, 3 rapids) will give you great impressions. At the end of the route you will have a barbeque. Experienced tourists can try themselves on a 3 to 7 days rafting trip..
Autumn is a season for fishing and hunting in Karelia, but also it is a hot season for ATV-tours. Flood, mud with snow and dirty roads will be a little problem to solve if you are riding an ATV.
Rock climbing
Most part of the territory of the republic is an undulating plain. Nevertheless, the wavy surface of the land still keeps the traces of the ancient mountains (rocks near the village Impilahti), which is used as  a territory for rock-climbing.
Dog sledding
The latest kind of tourist entertainment has become popular among professional sportsmen and amateurs. Husky tours are organized by companies “Skif-tour” in Pryazha, “Kudama” in the village Kudama and “VelT” in Kalevala district (North of Karelia).
Winter swimming
Life in extreme weather conditions made Russians strong – after a hot banya (sauna) we jump into an  ice-hole. The tradition of winter swimming is a pagan custom and appeared in Russia long before the Christian religion was established.
Windsurfing and kite surfing
Onego Bay is a good place for water activities. Kite surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding have recently become popular among young people.
Ice-diving on White Sea
This is a most romantic adventure. We suggest that you come and see  extraordinary underwater landscapes in the vicinity of the Polarniy Krug dive center and surrounding areas, and experience the true Pomor way of life.
One-day boat tour on traditional wooden boat of Peter the Great Epoque.
An unhasting trip under sail will help tourists to see Petrozavodsk from unusual perspective

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