Waterfall Kivakka

The waterfall is situated on the north-west of the republic, on Olanga river 15 kms away from its mouth. Before the waterfall the river flows in 2 branches. The waterfall belongs to the cascade type. Water in a strong steam falls down for 12 meters. Noise and crash deafen visitors, numerous sparkling splashes create a splendid view.

If you look at the waterfall from the left shore, then you will be even more impressed with a considerable look of Kivakka mountain. The waterfall can also be seen from the top of the mountain , where a special tourist route goes. From this point the waterfall looks like a thin white tape.

The waterfall is located on the territory of National Park "Paanajarvi" and is an indispensable part of all the tourist routes. If you want to strengthen your impressions of a waterfall as a rare natural phenomenon then you should visit other waterfalls of the park - Mutkakoski, Mjantjukoski, Selkjakoski - which are smaller than Kivakka, but are beautiful in their own way.

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